entering the world market

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There are over 2 billion who are included in the poverty line on earth. Day by day, it is increasing. These are the people who don’t have the power to spend, to get what they want, or sometimes, what they need. If we look at it in reality, they are the ones who need it the most. 

 Who is there to blame? With the endless cycle that goes on and on, people can’t just seem to find the right solution to stop it. There are still people out there who are dying of hunger, cold and without shelter, and have no education. Their depressing situation might be the reason to let them block the way to a bright future. 

 This is what that needs to be prevented. Everybody deserves a bright future and that depends on how strong-willed a person is with, of course, a little help on the way. Some people who are victims of depression have a tendency to do illegal actions because of their hopelessness. This is what concerned human beings are trying to stop. 

 Now that the globe is entwined as one because of the cyber technology, more possibilities for income generation have arisen. This can also be the starting point for third world countries to start a small business. It wouldn’t take that much time has training in the internet. 

 For the first time in history, technology is making this possible. An entrepreneur in America for example can hire people to sell his products electronically in their country. In some countries, dollar rates are really high. And because of the exchange rate, just one digital product sold per week would radically boost income. This will be able to help them whenever they sell a product. Not only will the big boss profit, he also helped uplift lives. 

 This is not a guarantee to stop the spreading of poverty. But in a way, helping a lot of people will be able to ease the problem. This could go bigger in years to come and who would know? Maybe the said two billion will decrease big time.  See also ... MOBILE DEVICES - the revolution for the world’s poor