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In case you’re not yet aware, Untied Nations labeled the year 2010 as “the year of biodiversity. Biodiversity is an all encompassing term to describe the variety of all life and natural processes on Earth.

 Biodiversity is very important because without it will result in a rapid decline of the Earth’s natural wealth and a dramatic reduction of future ecosystem services. Agricultural production will dramatically decrease if bacteria and fungi, which make soil fertile and breakdown wastes disappear. The same will happen if insects, bats and birds – which ensure flower pollination – reduce in numbers. With 42% of anti-cancer drugs coming from natural sources, biodiversity loss will force us to face unprecedented challenges.

 Did you get the picture? It’s like a domino effect. When one is greatly affected in the ecosystem, others will be affected too. You’ll be surprised on the number of the endangered species today. The abundance of species has declined 40% from 1970 to 2010. Up to what extent can the humankind handle?

 People who are concerned for the environment and human life are taking big actions to lecture, protest and raise funds to help the endangered animals around the world.  Being one of them, I try my best to spread the awareness too.

 My idea is to gather high quality DVDs or HD discs that tackles mainly about the near-extinct animals like gorillas, tigers, rhinos and so on. It would also be great if photographs, drawings, paintings etc. may be collected and preserved gradually building up a museum resource. We don’t know what will happen next so maybe those artworks would become more valuable as time goes on.

 Each animal will be presented as a multi media package. The package will contain educational information about the specific animal in a very revolutionarily entertaining way. This is very ideal for the students. It will also be great if they watch it with their parents too. Nowadays, we’re too busy saving our lives… why not spare some time for the animals too.


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