endangered gorillas-help them survive

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According to a United Nations report, gorillas may soon go extinct across much of central Africa. Among the threats are surges in human populations, the ape-meat trade, and logging and mining as well as the spread of the Ebola virus and other diseases, the report says.

One of the causes that were mentioned is the ape-meat trade. Bush meat has been the primary meat that is sold in the African market. It is an African term for the meat of wild animals and is generally used to refer to all terrestrial species consumed in tropical areas. Unlike the normal meat placed on a table, Africa is scarce on farm animals like chicken, pork and beef. This is why it’s difficult to just cancel out the bush meat trade like that.

But what about the extinction of gorillas? It was predicted that in ten to fifteen years they will be no longer part of the ecosystem. This is a serious environmental problem that we have here. How can we stop the killings of gorillas and at the same time conserve the trade and industry of Africa? We all know that it’s a third world country and hunger is experienced in most areas.

In the present time, concerned people are finding ways for an alternative to this trade. One of those is beekeeping. The honey can be exported via fair trade organizations that could give sufficient income to buy food without killing the wild life which can also bring an income from ecology tourism.

There is a website called www.bees4bushmeat.com that is helping Africans earn for a living and on saving the wildlife as well. Their aim is to reduce financial dependence on bush meat and the volume of species harvested by providing hunters with an alternative income source through beekeeping.

Now that these Africans have another option, gorillas and other wild life creatures are spared for more years as well.


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